St. Thomas Nursery & Primary school, 148, Santhome High Road, Chennai-600004, is the property of Santhome Cathedral Parish under the patronage of St.Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ,Who came to India to preach the Gospel. This school commenced on 15th june 1974, to impart sound education and all round formation.


  • The Late Rev .Fr. Adaikalam the vicar of the Archdiocese was the founder of this school. From 1974 untill this day, this school is known as St. Thomas Nursery & Primary School.


  • The school takes care to inculcate spiritual, intellectual and social values providing opportunity for physical developments as well.


  • The aim of the school is to help the poor and middle class children of all creeds to have solid foundation in good values, to face life’s challenges courageously and to become worthy citizens of India.


  • The syllabus and staff would be guided by the Archdiocesan Education Committee for private schools.


  • The Parish Priest of the Cathedral will be the Correspondent of the school. It is he, who will fix the staff, in consultation with the committee mentioned above.